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The Ashoka Europe Fellowship Program is a co-learning and co-creation community to leverage Ashoka's local and global experience, resources and networks in order to advance social entrepreneurship and changemaking for the good of all - across the continent.

The Program empowers and connects Ashoka Fellows, Ashoka Support Network (ASN) members, Partners of Ashoka, Ashoka Young Changemakers, Ashoka Staff, Change Leaders  and the key players in the social entrepreneurship media, business and academia ecosystems in Europe and around the world to learn from one another and aim for systems change in co-creative ways.

Ashoka Europe Fellowship Program has 3 pillars:

  1. Co-learning:  We create co-learning spaces where Ashoka’s community comes together to practice and share the most impactful and effective tools and ideas that support change leaders in their efforts to shift systems. Find out more here!
  2. Ecosystem: We work with key players across sectors to create an enabling environment for social entrepreneurship as a force for systems change. Together we create spaces to exchange knowledge, learn together, and collaborate on solutions that advance the field of social entrepreneurship. Find out more here!
  3. Collective Impact: We mobilize and connect Ashoka's community to co-create initiatives that address the world's most pressing challenges. We design meaningful engagement journeys for the community to align, connect, learn, and co-create solutions. Find out more here!


    Gain, develop and share know-how on (system) change leadership and take the learnings back into their local and national ecosystems.

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    Empowering the Ecosystem

    Empowering the Ecosystem

    Exchange knowledge, learn together, and collaborate on solutions that advance the field of social entrepreneurship.

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    Igniting Collective Impact

    Igniting Collective Impact

    Enabling spaces for Ashoka's community to co-create initiatives that address the world's most pressing challenges by design meaningful engagement journeys for the community to align, connect, learn, and co-create solutions.

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    Ashoka Fellows, Ashoka Fellow team members, Ashoka Young Changemakers, Ashoka Changemaker School Leader, Ashoka Support Network (ASN) member, Ashoka Staff  | Join for free

    Part of an affiliated Ashoka Program or Partnership 

    • Hello Europe Social Entrepreneur  | Join for free
    • Steelcase employee or partner, Nestlé CSV Prize Finalist, Catalyst2030 Member - You have access to a group ticket and can participate in any module free of charge until the maximum number of free tickets is reached. 
    • Ashoka Visionary Program Alumna/us - you can participate in any module with a 50% discount at 1,000€ per module (VAT not included). 

    Corporate or Institutional Partners of Ashoka | Other Partners | Change Leaders: The fee to participate in a module is:

    • For corporate participants: 2,000€ per person (VAT not included)
    • For non-profit participants: 1,000€ per person (VAT not included)
    • We also offer “group tickets” to participate in any module with a discount. Please reach out to us for more information

    In case the fee is prohibitive to your participation, please apply anyway and mention it in the accessibility question and we will get in touch about our stipend. We evaluate stipends on a case by case basis.

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    What participants say about our program?

    A most valuable time for self-reflection and learning about my leadership style and to have an insight into how transformative could self-leadership be in a team of co-workers with regard to ownership, responsibilties, motivations and even emotional connectedness.

    Everyone Leads Module 2020 participant

    The replication module has been a true "Eureka effect" that not only led to a complete rethinking of our development strategy but also allowed us to align our team on our major objectives for the next few years. Thank you all for your help in this troubled time 

    Replication & Transfer Module 2020 participant

    The facilitators managed to create a safe space in order for everyone to share and be open. That was very impressive! Inspiring, connecting. I was pleasantly surprised with format and content. It was very engaging.

    Wellbeing Lab Module 2020 participant

    A brilliant job I thought, regardless of where you were in your learning cycle, the program felt like it gave a somewhat more exhaustive list of the most important issues. The run-through of the financial modelling and taking part of Mark's intuitions, thoughts and tacit knowledge was great.​

    Changemaker Finance Module 2020 participant

    More confidence in my posture to speak, measure and fund our system change journey. It has changed my mind completely on how to boost change inside my organization.

    Systems Change Module 2020 participant