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Co-Creation Lab

“Pooling our complementary fields of expertise - traditionally confined to their respective areas of action - to find solutions to current economic, societal and environmental challenges together - is the aim of the co-creation approach that guides societal innovation at Danone.”  

(Muriel Pénicaud, Danone Directrice Générale des Ressources Humaines)

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What is this module all about? 

The corporate sector plays a major role in the impact across topics such as health, environment, economic inclusion, among others. At the same time, social innovators take on systems-changing approaches to tackle these challenges, moving with agility and creativity, creating new paradigms and ways of working. Together, both sectors can co-create a better future for everyone.

The Co-Creation Lab is an opportunity to craft your co-creation case with a partner organization, creating shared value across the social and business sectors around a challenge both organizations are tackling.

The Co-Creation Lab encompasses practical guided experience to learn about Ashoka’s roadmap for co-creation and apply it to your context and organizations. You will work on your own co-creation case, building the foundations and skills needed to support it, while accessing tools, experts and peers. At the end of the Lab, you will present the co-creation case you built to Ashoka’s network of social innovators and partners.

Module Timeline

The Co-Creation Lab is organized in 4 modules, comprised of 2 hours every 3 weeks

October 8th | October 29th | November 19th | December 3 

Module 1:  What is co-creation and why is it relevant? Introduction to the co-creation roadmap - start mapping your role in the system

Module 2: Making the case – partnering for co-creation and internal buy-in

Module 3: Co-creation in action – practical co-creation building and real-life cases

Module 4: Presentation of co-creation cases to Ashoka's network

Cocreation Module Timeline

Who Can Apply?

  • Ashoka Fellows  
  • Ashoka Fellow Organization Staff Member 
  • Corporate or Institutional Partner of Ashoka  
  • Part of an affiliated Ashoka Program or Partnership 
  • Ashoka Support Network (ASN) members
  • Alumni of the Ashoka's Intercompany Course
  • Other Interested Change Leaders 

This module is limited to 20 participants - 10 Ashoka Fellows and 10 Corporate Intrapreneurs. For more information please contact Teresa Pereira

Why You Should Apply?

Is your company or social organization looking for ways to create a positive impact around the topic of health, environment and economic inclusion?

Are you a corporate intrapreneur, looking for the right tools to co-design innovative cross-sector partnerships with social entrepreneurs?

Ever wondered how to move from transactional partnerships to co-creation ones with the social sector?

Are you a social innovator, looking for ways to scale your impact, alongside innovative corporations, that share your impact goals?

What will you experience during this lab?

  • You will build your co-creation case around the topic your organization is focusing on;
  • You will join a cohort of peers (intrapreneurs and social entrepreneurs) motivated to learn and discuss about the main barriers and opportunities of co-creation between business and social innovation;
  • You will discuss with different sectors about the challenge you want to tackle and how to build a co-creation case within your company/organization;
  • You will have the opportunity to go through the lab with a paired organization for co-creation;
  • You will work on the skillset needed for cross-sector co-creation;
  • You will have access to experts in co-creation and success cases.


Ashoka Fellows, Ashoka Fellow team members, Ashoka Young Changemakers, Ashoka Changemaker School Leader, Ashoka Support Network (ASN) member, Ashoka Staff  | Join for free

Part of an affiliated Ashoka Program or Partnership:

  • Hello Europe Social Entrepreneur  | Join for free
  • Steelcase employee or partner, Nestlé CSV Prize Finalist, Catalyst2030 Member - You have access to a group ticket and can participate in any module free of charge until the maximum number of free tickets is reached. 
  • Ashoka Visionary Program Alumna/us - you can participate in any module with a 50% discount at 1,000€ per module (VAT not included). 

Corporate or Institutional Partners of Ashoka | Other Partners | Change Leaders. The fee to participate in a module is:

  • For corporate participants: 2,000€ per person (VAT not included)
  • For non-profit participants: 1,000€ per person (VAT not included)
  • We also offer “group tickets” to participate in any module with a discount. Please reach out to us for more information

In case the fee is prohibitive to your participation, please apply anyway and mention it in the accessibility question and we will get in touch about our stipend. We evaluate stipends on a case by case basis.

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