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Igniting Collective Impact

We mobilize and connect Ashoka's community to co-create initiatives that address the world's most pressing challenges. We design meaningful engagement journeys for the community to align, connect, learn, and co-create solutions.

This is done by hosting co-creation labs that trigger new collaborations and collective impact initiatives. Common challenges are identified by our community of change leaders such as unemployment, migration or declining democracy and populism – and in collaboration with the Ashoka Learning & Action Center. Ashoka hosts co-creation and innovation labs where leading social entrepreneurs and decision makers come together to co-create solutions for the grand challenges of Europe. Resources for pan-European prototypes are catalyzed.

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COVID-19- Changemakers United

This is an global initiative and a collective effort to support social innovators at the forefront of the Covid crisis

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Education- Changemakers Dialogue!

We offer you an exciting opportunity to meet, dialogue and establish connections with social inovators who are dedicating their time and efforts to create change and spreading their vision of a new education.

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Policy Change- Changemaker Europe

As we build the movement towards an Everyone A Changemaker Europe, we also aim to shape Europe’s future by co-designing and co-creating policies for social change.

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We aim is to accelerate and scale Ashoka Fellows' systemic solutions to conserve and restore biodiversity by leveraging of their inovations and weave them together to increase their collective impact.

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We started to explore the development of a collective impact initiative on health in partnership with the Making More Health Initiative in Europe, Latin America, and Africa. 

We implemented 6 facilitated online workshops in 2021 to analyse the health system, create shared intentions and goals, and co-create specific actions and solutions. 5 social entrepreneurs developed a collective advocacy strategy to influence policymakers in Europe to implement policies that equip patients and communities to be active agents in their healthcare journeys

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Convening key stakeholders in Europe around the issue of democracy to share solutions, develop collaborations and new collective impact initiatives.

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