Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration

"Great learning journey, full of materials and experiences and impact! Mindset-changing!"

(Feedback from a participant of the Multi- Stakeholder Collaboration Module 2021 )

What is this module all about? 

Driving deep social change most often requires us to work in collaboration with diverse stakeholders on shifting a system together. While such multi-stakeholder collaboration can have a transformational impact on a system, it also comes with its own challenges and requires a specific type of leadership and strategy to be effective.

Join our online course on ‘Leading Powerful Collaboration for System Change’ where you have the opportunity to strengthen your strategy and leadership skills for facilitating multi-stakeholder collaboration. Learn about concrete tools and frameworks on the “how-tos” of collaboration and discuss your insights and challenges together with leading social entrepreneurs from around the world.

We will explore the key elements of successful collaborations by following the journey of a real-life case study and by diving deep into the key lessons, enabling conditions, patterns, and frameworks that supported their success. We then reflect on how the learnings inform our awareness, intention, and choices as leaders – and where we feel confident or not in working this way.

This course is developed in partnership with CoCreative – global thought leaders and decades long practitioners in the field of convening stakeholders across boundaries to collaborate for transformational systems change. 

Want to know more about the kind of collaboration we are talking about? See Ashoka Fellow Gary Cohen share his experience with collaboration and the kind of impact it made possible.

The Module Timeline

We recommend saving 2 hours per week to go through the recorded material in preparation for the live sessions.

Weekly sessions on Thursdays 3- 5 pm CET starting January 27th

January 27th - Module 1: Course essentials

February 3rd - Module 2: Mapping the journey of collaboration

February 10th - Module 3: Finding the north star

February 17th - Module 4: Building the change team

February 24th - Module 5: Growing the change-network 

March 3rd - Module 6: Getting to action

March 10th - Module 7: Network culture

March 17th - Module 8: Collaboration and Leadership

March 31st - Closing Session: Peer Support for Implementation

Each of the 8 course modules comes with set of videos about the case study, key frameworks, and practical exercises to apply the learnings to your own collaboration which we then discuss together in peer groups during our weekly course sessions

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Who can apply?

  • Ashoka Fellows and/or their team members
  • Ashoka Young Changemakers
  • Ashoka Support Network (ASN) Members
  • Ashoka Changemaker School Leaders 
  • Ashoka Staff
  • Part of an affiliated Ashoka Program or Partnership
  • Corporate or Instutional Partners of Ashoka
  • Partners of Ashoka
  • Other Interested Change Leaders

Why you should apply?

This co-learning space is for social entrepreneurs and change leaders from any sector who are either driving a multi-stakeholder collaborative initiative for systems change or are planning to do so.

This course is for you if you want to develop your competence as a leader to:

  • Convene stakeholders across boundaries and organize networks
  • Build strong alignment, relationships of trust and connection
  • Develop insights into a system and prioritize critical systemic shifts,
  • Cocreate systemic interventions
  • Use culturally integrative approaches to our collaboration

This co-learning space supports you to apply learnings directly to your collaboration work (present or future). If you have no (existing or future) case to apply this to and simply want to explore the topic, you are welcome to join to apply for the course. We then adapt the learning experience for observers.


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Corporate or Institutional Partners of Ashoka | Other Partners | Change Leaders. The fee to participate in a module is:

  • For corporate participants: 2,000€ per person (VAT not included)
  • For non-profit participants: 1,000€ per person (VAT not included)
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Meet the Module Leads & Module Co- Creators

We collaborate with Russ Gaskin & Heather Equinoss from CoCreative to bring this online course. CoCreative has decades of practice in facilitating and cultivating multi-year, multi-stakeholder, cross-sectoral collaborative processes that contribute to system change. Ranging from:  

  • an 18-year collaboration that has catalyzed massive innovation and growth in the global solar industry  
  • to a global network of 400 hundred human rights workers who co-designed a new approach to advocacy based on rigorous measurement of countries’ human rights performance
  • to a collaboration that is dramatically expanding the role of U.S. health systems from providers of clinical services to wealth building catalysts in low-income communities
  • to a diverse network in which the world’s largest electronics brands are collaborating with workers to eliminate exposures to the most hazardous process chemicals used in electronics factories around the world, and many more. 

We equally collaborated with Luzette Jaimes and Jason Bernhardt-Lanier for the creation of this course. Luzette works on learning & development and system change through the design and facilitation of transformational learning processes for individuals and groups. She works in the areas of human development, being-well, and awareness-based leadership development for changemakers. Jason leads Ashoka’s global Venture and Fellowship department.

For the module leads from the Ashoka Europe Fellowship team, see their profiles below;