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Develop the skills, methods and mindsets for impactful (system) change leadership in Europe.

The Ashoka Europe Fellowship Program enables a pan-European co-learning space where Ashoka´s community comes together to learn, co-create and innovate on cutting-edge topics in social entrepreneurship and changemaking.

We offer a variety of different learning formats and topics (see below) that can be joined online and/or hybrit on a flexible and modular basis. Social entrepreneurs and stakeholders gain, develop and share know-how on (system) change leadership and take the learnings back into their local and national ecosystems.

The topics are the ones we rated most crucial for social innovators - based on 41 years of experience. 

Find out more about the specific modules here:

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Systems Change

Learn about the most powerful strategies to achieve system change! Participants will explore how to scale their impact without necessarily having to grow their organizations.

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Changemaker Finance

This module empowers funders & social entrepreneurs to develop social funding approaches and structure investment deals for world-changing ideas!

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Wellbeing Lab

Wellbeing inspires Well-doing! This module supports you to gain a deeper understanding of your wellbeing needs, acquire practical tools and build a trusted community of peers.

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Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration

This module is for change leaders to reflect, innovate, and deepen their ways of leading, organizing, and being - in order to empower their teams, and shift systems & mindsets.

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Replication & Transfer

Learn about models to bring your solution to new regions or countries. Together, we'll explore your transfer readiness, partner profiles, and “touch points” in target countries.

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Working with Government- jaya help

Let’s build government alliances for system change! This module provides resources that will help choose the right tactics for increasing government's awareness.

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Measuring Framechange

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