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Replication & Transfer

“The replication module has been a true "Eureka effect" that not only led to a complete rethinking of our development strategy but also allowed us to align our team on our major objectives for the next few years. Thank you all for your help in this troubled time.”

Replication & Transer module participant


What is this module all about?

We invite you to join the 3rd edition of our Replication & Transfer module. This module is all about the process of replicating and transferring solutions of social enterprises to new regions and countries. Our team has been working with close to 100 social entrepreneurs to support them in developing a solid replication & transfer strategy and model. Together with experienced Ashoka Fellows, experts and coaches we will guide you through this strategic process. 

A replication & transfer model comprises a rationale (WHY), a replicable solution (WHAT), a method to replicate your solution (HOW), your partner profile and partnership journey (WHO), an assessment of new regions and countries (WHERE), and a strategy for introducing your solution to a new context (and adapting it). 


Module Timeline

We will start with an online introduction webinar that will introduce you to replication & transfer (models, challenges, benchmarks) and guidelines on how to develop your transfer strategy & model.

After this first introduction you will dive deeper through an online case clinic, an online workshop and online mentoring sessions. The module will be concluded by a final pitch and feedback session.

All parts of this module will be facilitated by experienced Ashoka Fellows, Ashoka Staff and experts in the field. Additional peer-to-peer feedback and mentoring will be stimulated throughout the process. 

  • Introduction session: March 9, 2022 | 2 pm- 4pm CET
  • Case clinic: March 23, 2022 | 2pm-4 pm CET
  • Workshop: April 6, 2022 | 2pm- 5pm CET
  • Mentoring session: April 20, 2022 | 2pm- 5pm CET
  • Presentation and feedback session: May 11, 2022 | 2pm- 4pm CET

Extra time commitment required: The above does not include the time we expect you to spend working on your transfer model in between the webinars and feedback sessions. 

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Who can apply?

  • Ashoka Fellow  
  • Ashoka Fellow Organization Staff Member 
  • Corporate or Institutional Partner of Ashoka  
  • Part of an affiliated Ashoka Program or Partnership 
  • Ashoka Support Network (ASN) member 
  • Ashoka Young Changemaker 
  • Ashoka Changemaker School 
  • Ashoka Staff 

Why you should apply?

This module is very useful if you started to replicate your solution within your country, and are now in the process of replicating your solution more widely to other regions or even other countries. One great benefit is the chance to receive feedback on your replication strategy (what, how, to where, with whom) and practical questions concerning the replication process from leading experts in the field.  

Ashoka Fellows, Ashoka Fellow team members, Ashoka Young Changemakers, Ashoka Changemaker School Leaders: This module is for you, if;

  • you want to bring your solution to new regions or countries and therefore develop your own replication & transfer model with the help and guidance of leading experts.  
  • you want to connect with other social entrepreneurs and key-players. 
  • you are keen to receive feedback and mentoring for your replication & transfer model to help scaling your impact.  

Ashoka Staff: This module is for you, if;

  • you want to support your Fellows with their own replication & transfer. 

Ashoka Support Network (ASN) members: This module is for you, if;

  • you want to support replicating the solutions of Ashoka Fellows  

  • you would like to learn more about replication & transfer and connect with key-players in this field. 

Ashoka Partners, other Change Leaders (from the corporate world or foundations): This module is for you, if;

  • you are looking for inspiration regarding replication & transfer and want to support replicating the system changing solutions of leading social entrepreneurs.


Ashoka Fellows, Ashoka Fellow team members, Ashoka Young Changemakers, Ashoka Changemaker School Leader, Ashoka Support Network (ASN) member, Ashoka Staff  | Join for free

Part of an affiliated Ashoka Program or Partnership 

  • Hello Europe Social Entrepreneur  | Join for free
  • Steelcase employee or partner, Nestlé CSV Prize Finalist, Catalyst2030 Member - You have access to a group ticket and can participate in any module free of charge until the maximum number of free tickets is reached. 
  • Ashoka Visionary Program Alumna/us - you can participate in any module with a 50% discount at 1,000€ per module (VAT not included).

Corporate or Institutional Partners of Ashoka | Other Partners | Change Leaders: The fee to participate in a module is:

  • For corporate participants: 2,000€ per person (VAT not included)
  • For non-profit participants: 1,000€ per person (VAT not included)
  • We also offer “group tickets” to participate in any module with a discount. Please reach out to us for more information

If you have any questions, please reach out to the module lead: Alexander Kesselring  

*In case you require a travel stipend to participate please indicate in your application and follow the steps provided in the application form. We have limited stipends for participants in need, so please evaluate and request a stipend only if financial reasons hinder your participation.

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