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Supporting social entrepreneurs to change systems

Our vision is that support, training and educational organizations for social entrepreneurs embrace system change as a guiding principle. The incubators and accelerators for social entrepreneurs will transition from traditional start-up programs to engines for collective impact. Everyone in the ecosystem for social entrepreneurship will know that system change is possible and that it can be supported effectively.

We will synthesize Ashoka´s core expertise and insights supporting system changing social entrepreneurs since decades in a practical guide. We will convene key players of the movement to exchange best practices and challenges in designing and implementing support programs for social entrepreneurs to change systems. We will facilitate collaborations to develop pan-European prototypes that advance the field.


Eco-system Roundtable on Incubators and Accelerators for System Change: An opportunity for Ashoka partners & key eco-system players to co-create ideas on how to enable support programs for system changing social entrepreneurs.

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